Metallurgical Testing

Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Model : BHN3000(o)
  • Make : FIE, India

Direct reading optical device provided with 14X magnification capacity of more than 2,000 Tons.

Metallurgical Microscope
  • Model : Neophot 21
  • Make : Carl Zeiss, Germany

The microscope is equipped with Carl Zeiss lens with magnification power up to 2000X. It is also equipped with features like analyser, polarizer and attached camera for measuring grain size, decarb, microstructure, inclusions, rating etc. It is attached with the computer to give mage display and generate reports.

Electronic Universal Testing Machine
  • Model : UTE 60
  • Make : FIE, India

With 60 Ton load capacity, it is capable to check tensile strength, yield strength, reduction in area ratio and give digital outputs for easy study of behavior of materials.

Micro hardness tester with Image Analyzer
  • Model : DHR 1000
  • Make : Chroma Systems, India

To check vicker hardness and decarburization. Attached with the computer it gives automatic display of various parameters required.

  • Make : Jarrell-Ash (U.S.A.)
  • Model : AtomComp 7000 – 24 Channel (Expandable capacity to 64 Channels)

To check chemical composition of steel.

Digital Rockwell cum superficial Hardness Tester
  • Model : RASN (T)
  • Make : FIE, India

Hardness Testing at A, B, C and superficial scale.

Rockwell Hardness Testers
  • Make : Saroj, India
  • Model : RAB-250, RAS and TWIN

Rockwell and Brinell Hardness Testing at A, B, C and superficial scale.

Quality Assurance

Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine
  • Model: AD4020
  • Make : ITW, India

To check surface cracks in critical Automotive Components.

Optical Inspection Machine, Dimensional Inspection
  • Model: PSL-1500
  • Make : CCM, Taiwan

A specially designed machine with 3 cameras for high-speed inspection of automotive fasteners and special components from different angles for various parameters like head height, thread angle, thread gap, major diameter and length etc.

Profile Projector
  • Model: PH 400 E
  • Make : Dynascan, India

Equipped with Sill Optics, Germany; it is capable of highly precise measurements

Precision Measuring System (VMM)
  • Model: v2015
  • Make : Rapid-I, India

Highly precision measurement can be carried out by easy point picking and with the intuitive graphical interface. Advance features such as software assisted focusing enables depth measurements in the Z-axis, xy/yz projection measuremnts in 2D.


Dimensional and Metallurgical Inspection Machine (Laser and Eddy Current Based)
  • Model: Q5000
  • Make : Mectron, U.S.A

Equipped with lasers and eddy current technology, it has the capability to deliver high-speed dimensional and metallurgical inspection for a variety of parts in a wide range of materials.

Surface Roughness Tester
  • Model: Surftest SJ-401
  • Make : Mitutoya, Japan

Capable of High accuracy roughness measurement & round surface compensation.

Plating Thickness Testing
  • Model: Elektro Physik
  • Make : Mikro Test, Germany

To measure coating thickness .

Salt Spray Tester
  • Model: Korros III
  • Make : Presto, India

A highly reliable equipment for checking the corrosion resistance of surface coating when exposed to a salt laden environment.

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